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We provide our paid members with access to
“Stock & Options Trading Academy Education”
and “Stock & Options Investment Services.”

The Financial Markets & Investment Education courses, products, services, program, activities and information we refer our members to can help our members learn how to trade like Wall Street Professionals and Financial Institutions.

The Financial Markets & Investment Education Coach we refer our members to has been an investor and trader for nearly twenty years and has a passion to help others learn the skill set of trading and investing in the financial markets.

She is the Publisher, and Senior Technical Analyst for her various Investment Research Newsletters that reach clients all over the world. For the past 15 years she has been a sought after Speaker and Educator known for her straight forward approach to trading and investing.

Close to twenty million dollars has been successfully invested following her trade recommendations published in her financial newsletters.

The Vice President of one of the brokerage partners announced at a live convention, that her service outperformed other top advisory services listed with the firm, some competitors were among the biggest investment names in the industry. Customers who followed her recommendations in her newsletter made more gains than subscribers of the top newsletter publishers in the country.

She has sponsored live educational seminar events at the CBOE & the Options Institute, a division of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE). Also secured a daily LIVE video feed from the trading floor, featuring Jon “Doctor J” Najarian, host of CBOE-TV’s “Before the Bell” and the CBOE Options Report with Doctor J prior to the brothers joining CNBC.

She is well respected in the Investment Industry, being offered trading positions at large financial houses and even had an offer from a large brokerage firm to buy out her newsletter company, which she obviously turned down.

She has created a Trading Academy designed to help beginner traders around the world to get involved in the stock and options market as self directed traders.

Her newsletter services have grown internationally, and currently offers a variety of newsletter services to subscribers. All with brokerage partner auto-trade capability upon request.


MSF Members also have access to another trading education program where you can learn a specific equities day trading method in 5 days and then put your training to work through placement trading firm capital with a 50%-90% monthly payout!

The training is live hands on instruction, given via remote computer screen sharing, Skype and your own demo trading platform.

This is a great opportunity for traders and others who would like to learn how to day trade using the method without the risk of their own capital.

If you are an Adult, Young Adult, Senior, Parent, or Teenager who is interested in learning how to trade like the pros, we can refer you to coaches, courses, products, services, programs and activities that can teach you at an extremely affordable price!

If you would like more info about our MSF Financial Markets & Investment Education Support, contact the MSF Certified Support Friend & Coach Trainer who referred you to MySupportFriends.com, or contact support@mysupportfriends.com.

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