Support yourself with the MSF guides,
tools, links, resources, support packs and
an “MSF Monthly Support Subscription”
to achieve your dreams and goals.


MSF Price: $38.88

As part of STEP 5 of the MSF 8 STEP SUPPORT PLAN, we encourage you to purchase an “MSF MONTHLY SUPPORT SUBSCRIPTION!” For only $38.88 a month which is “LESS THAN $1.30 A DAY” the “MSF Monthly Support Subscription” gives MSF Members who purchased an MSF Support Pack in STEP 2 of the MSF 8 STEP SUPPORT PLAN access to:

  • “THE MSF MULTIPLE STREAMS OF SUPPORT SYSTEM!” – A monthly empowerment support system of MSF Support Guides, Recordings, Activities, Coaching, Training & Support Strategies designed to help MSF Members create and maintain “MULTIPLE STREAMS OF SUPPORT (MSOS)” in key areas such as Friendship, Wellness, Money, Investing, Personal Development, Networking, Social Media, DSNM & Entrepreneurship.
  • “MY WELLNESS & MONEY SUPPORT FRIENDS FACEBOOK GROUP – A private MSF Members Only Facebook Group that focuses on various topics related to “Wellness & Money” and the “MSF Wellness & Money Support Triangle.”
  • “MSF PREMIUM & FEATURED CONTENT” – MSF Support Pages, Blogs, Links & Resources.
  • “CERTIFIED SUPPORT FRIEND, COACH & TRAINER SUPPORT” – For MSF Members who are already certified, or in the process of becoming certified.
  • “MSF AFFILIATE SUPPORT” – For MSF Affiliates participating in the MSF Affiliate Support Program.
  • “MSF SUPPORT STORE PLUS+” – A directory of “MSF Support Stores” that provide “DISCOUNTS” on all “MSF Upgrades” and “MSF Support Store Items.”


  1. “MONEY MONDAY” – A weekly webcast with MSF Certified Support Friends, Coaches, Trainers and Special Guests that provides MSF Members with knowledge, information and resources for a variety of money, business and financial related topics. Topics of discussion will include ways to make and save money, budgeting, credit, entrepreneurship, multiple streams of income, residual income, royalty income, financial markets, investing, global economics, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, real estate, personal loans, business loans, student loans, grants, scholarships, social media, small businesses, online businesses, home-based businesses, DSNM, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, sales, advertising, crowdfunding, fund-raising, donating, social and financial support programs and the MSF Affiliate Support Program.
  2. “MASTERMIND TUESDAY” – A monthly webcast on the last Tuesday of each month with MSF Certified Support Friends, Coaches, Trainers, Special Guests and Community Thought Leaders. Topics of discussion will be related to mindset, personal development and the 8 MSF Support Qualities.
  3. “WISDOM WEDNESDAY” – A weekly webcast with MSF Certified Support Friends, Coaches, Trainers and Special Guests that provides MSF Members with knowledge, information and resources for a variety of topics related to “My Support Guide” current events and lifestyle topics. Topics of discussion will include achieving dreams and goals, wellness, personal growth, leadership, vision, values, success habits, time management, overcoming obstacles, communication, awareness, self-empowerment, women’s empowerment, men’s empowerment, generation empowerment (G1-G5), relationships, parenting, coaching, mentoring, role models, education, career, lifestyle, music, arts, entertainment, creativity, community, culture, volunteering, serving and supporting others, positive quotes and inspiring words of wisdom.
  4. “SUPPORT FRIENDS FRIDAY” – A weekly webcast where MSF Members & Guests can chat, connect, share stories, provide updates, ask questions and be “Support Friends” for each other by giving and receiving support, friendship, empowerment, motivation, inspiration, faith, love, hope, belief and positive words of encouragement. Every “Support Friend” is a valuable and unique human resource of gifts, talents and life experiences. “Support Friends Friday” allows MSF Members & Guests to come together to support, rejuvenate, uplift and inspire each other to continue to pursue our dreams and goals individually and as a group of “Support Friends” with good intentions to make a difference in our own lives and the lives other others.”

The MSF Monthly Support Subscription is a great way to:

  1. Support Yourself
  2. Support Others
  3. Support The Support Friend Who Referred You
  4. Support The MySupportFriends.com Community

MSF Money Support Distribution For
The MSF Monthly Support Subscription:

MSF Monthly Support Subscription: $38.88
MSF Charitable Support Program: $0.88
MSF Affiliate Support Commission: $25.00
MySupportFriends.com: $13.00

You can purchase an MSF Monthly Support Subscription on your MSF Member Support Page.


MSF Members also have access to another trading education program for
$2,500.00 that normally retails for $4,995.00 where you can learn a specific
equities day trading method in 5 days and then put your training to work
through placement trading firm capital with a 50%-90% monthly payout!

The training is live hands on instruction, given via remote computer
screen sharing, Skype and your own demo trading platform.

This is a great opportunity for traders and others who would like to
learn how to day trade using the method without the risk of their
own capital.

If you are an Adult, Young Adult, Senior, Parent, or Teenager who is interested in learning how to trade like the pros, we can teach you at an extremely affordable price!

If you would like more info about our MSF Financial Markets & Investment Education Support, contact the MSF Certified Support Friend & Coach who referred you to MySupportFriends.com, or contact support@mysupportfriends.com.